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Bidscale is accelerating the United States Government's ability to buy smarter, faster, and easier. Our platform is purpose-built to handle the intricacies of Federal acquisitions.

Our mission has far-reaching consequences.

Bidscale's mission is to fortify the Federal Government by accelerating the procurement of innovative solutions. From combat helicopters to scientific research, contracts underpin the operational effectiveness of the country. We believe that a more agile Government procurement system is the foundation to a strong, prosperous America.
To help the Federal Government become the single most valuable, accessible, and important customer in the world. Commercial entities must overcome a complex procurement framework to work with the Government. By breaking down these barriers, Bidscale helps the Government gain access to a broader and more competitive supplier base.
Bidscale is built by a team of Government contracting veterans and technology specialists teaming up to address a critical challenge facing the country. At Bidscale, we believe in the importance of our mission and its impacts on the national interest.
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Bidscale is purpose-built to address the complexities of Federal acquisitions. Join the movement to make Government contracting smarter, faster, and easier.

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